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Expert Custom Millwork Installation in NY & NJ

Bring out the natural beauty in your space with professionally installed custom millwork.
Thinking about a home makeover? Explore our millwork installation services and see how we can enhance your living space! 

Enhancing Your Home's Profitability with Millwork

Do you know that wood features like cabinetry, built-ins, trim work, and furniture can increase a home’s resale value by up to 20%? Millwork installation is one of the most impactful yet cost-effective ways to refresh dated design elements and maximize functionality. Investing in custom millwork is truly an investment in your home’s long-term livability and financial potential. Our experienced team can assess your space, listen to your priorities and dreams, and craft the perfect millwork plan within your budget. We’re here to help every step of the way! 

Want to refresh your living areas or entire home?

Get our consultation - we'd love to brainstorm budget-friendly solutions!

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Your Key to a Forever-Fashionable Home!

Spice Up Your Boring Home with Custom Millwork

Do you want to take your home to the next level but don’t know where to start? Custom millwork allows for creativity and personalization that makes your spaces one-of-a-kind. Whether you go bold with statement colors and textures or stay classic with natural wood grains, customized features bring personality and better reflect your style. With options like specialty cabinetry, custom shelving, mantles, built-in desks, and more, the possibilities are endless. Some homes require a minor refresh, while others may desire full remodeling. No matter the size, our custom millwork installation enhances functional design and aesthetic appeal.

Dreaming of a kitchen remodel to host friends and family? We can make it happen with custom cabinetry, countertops, and storage. Contact us today!

No Limit for Quality!

Game-Changing Impact of Customzied Millwork

Whether you have an unconventional space like an attic studio or simply want to organize a busy kitchen, custom millwork is the solution. Some ways we customize for optimal functionality include:

Installing multi-level cabinetry, drawers, and shelves suited to the unique dimensions of the area.

Integrating built-in storage solutions like wall niches, pull-out pantries, and adjustable shelves/bins.

Constructing distinctive cabinetry to fit around ducts, pipes, or awkward wall angles that other pre-fabs can’t accommodate.

Installing soft-closing amenities like custom millwork doors tailored to your cabinet design.

Crafting versatile cabinetry that serves dual purposes with adjustable shelving/partitioning.

We transform every inch of space into purposeful areas through millwork. The result is a completely customized, high-functioning room perfectly organized to your lifestyle.

Want to see how we maximize even the smallest spaces? Book an appointment today!

Why Choose Us?

Are you looking for an experienced millwork company?

Here are some reasons BrothersFix should be your top choice:

Master craftsmen with years of experience building custom designs

Attention to minute details guarantees precision fits and quality results

Modeling software allows for multiple design iterations until perfection

Fully licensed and insured for your complete satisfaction

Top-grade materials promote longevity and durability

Hassle-free in-house services mean one simple billing process

High-quality installation capabilities for projects of any size

Transforming spaces through customized woodworking is our passion. We’d love to hear about your upcoming millwork needs!

Invest in your home’s future with our high-quality millwork solutions! Contact us to discuss your project!

Transforming Dreams into Reality with Millwork

Our process starts with careful measurement and plan sketching to ensure precision fits. Then, we begin crafting with the finest and most durable materials.

Sketching & Design

We work closely with clients to understand priorities and sketch multiple concepts.


Our team takes exact measurements for precise fabrication and installation.


Computer modeling takes designs to the next level of realistic visualization.

Material Selection

Only premium lumber, plywood, and hardware are used for longevity.

Careful Crafting

Master craftsmen cut, sand, and assemble to the highest quality standards.

Each custom element receives multiple finishing coats for a buttery smooth texture. Our statewide services fit everything perfectly with precision millwork installation.

Need a kitchen or bathroom refresh this summer? Get a free quote from our millwork contractors and start planning your project!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01

What is a millwork installer?

Custom millwork installers are skilled craftspeople who specialize in the precise planning, fabrication, and installation of customized architectural woodwork and built-in elements in residential and commercial settings.
Question 02

Can you install millwork in commercial spaces?

Yes, we specialize in custom commercial millwork to suit various needs. Our experience extends across several industries that require high-quality, durable millwork solutions. Some sectors we serve include hospitals, schools, universities, offices, retail stores, and government facilities.
Question 03

Can you match existing cabinetry or built-ins?

Absolutely. Our expert craftsmen are highly skilled at precisely matching various wood species, stains, and paint colors to create additions or replacements.
Question 04

Can you install curved cabinets or countertops?

Our expert craftsmen are highly skilled in forming and installing curved millwork to match custom designs. From subtle curves to dramatic arcs, we have the tools and experience to make any vision a reality.
Question 05

How do I find reliable custom millwork near me? 

  1. Use “custom millwork near me” on search engines to find local businesses.
  2. Look at customer reviews on Google, Yelp, and Houzz.
  3. Get suggestions from friends, family, or colleagues.
  4. Visit local showrooms to see work examples and discuss your project.
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