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Luxury Architectural Wall Installation in NY and NJ

Bring your architectural visions to life with our high-quality wall projects. We have the expertise and creative solutions to handle any installation need! 

Interested in transforming your space? Contact us today to discuss your wall installation needs.

Transforming Ordinary Walls to Extraordinary

How can interior walls transform ordinary spaces into something extraordinary, breaking traditional boundaries? Architectural wall installation offers limitless potential for visual impact and enhanced functionality. We transform empty walls into integrated works of art through innovative techniques and thorough skills. 

Whether you envision an eye-catching accent wall, full-coverage murals, or integrated lighting and media displays, our experienced installers have the skills and resources to bring your bold visions to life. We also offer practical wall installation solutions like movable and removable partitions to optimize space planning. Every project is a unique challenge joyfully met with expertise, creativity, and care for even the finest details.  

Interested in one of these benefits or have other design goals in mind?

Contact us to discuss your ideal architectural wall solution.

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Architectural Walls Crafting Visual Stories

Breaking Boundaries with Modern Walls

Gone are the days when interior walls were limited to simple drywall, wood panels, or brick. We maintain an expansive inventory of the latest wall materials, like architectural glass wall panels, metal cladding, fabric panels, and more. This allows us to create bold wall designs inspired by industrial lofts or natural elements that bring the outdoors in.  

 In addition to aesthetic upgrades, architectural installations should enhance sustainability whenever possible. That’s why many of our wall panel options feature recycled content, are low maintenance, and come from eco-friendly manufacturers. Carefully considering performance, longevity, and environmental impact in the design process allows us to create walls that are as durable as beautiful.  

Does upgrading your walls in an eco-friendly way sound appealing? Reach out to us! 

No Limit for Quality!

Why Choose Us?

Have a vision for exceptional architectural details but don’t know where to start?  

 BrothersFix is known for its dedication to providing excellent results in architectural wall installations. We have experience in commercial and residential projects involving complex wall designs. From designing creative panel layouts to integrating details, we flawlessly bring architectural visions to life. With in-depth material expertise ranging from glass and stone to wood and metal, you can be confident we have the specialized skills and techniques to handle any wall surface or texture. We also offer outstanding quality assurance through our multi-point inspections and warranties.  

Experience excellence in architectural design. Get in touch, and let’s transform your space! 

Redefining Your Space with Trendy Designs

Older architectural wall installations may show wear and reduced functionality or aesthetics over time. 

Fading, chipping, or corroding of wall finishes diminish their intended look.  

Cracking, warping, or separating of wall panel pieces compromising structural stability. 

Dated or damaged wall technologies like obsolete media components  

Inefficient insulation properties driving up energy bills   

Limited life spans ending for some materials like certain fabrics or woods 

Whether commercial or residential, upgrading to our professionally installed designs featuring the latest durable materials boosts visual appeal, extends lifetimes, and may improve building code compliance.  

 Ready to bring your walls to new heights? We’d love to discuss innovative panel replacement options that fit your budget and needs.  

Signature Interior Wall Panel Styles

We offer extensive interior wall panel options to suit diverse design preferences. Here are a few of our most popular styles: 

Interested in a style? Contact us to discuss which interior wall panel style suits your project.  

Wood Veneer Panels

Natural wood veneers like oak, walnut, and bamboo add warmth and organic texture. They can be finished or distressed to achieve different looks. 

Metal Panels

Sleek metal options like brushed stainless steel, copper, and corten steel enhance industrial style or modern spaces. 

Glass Panels

Clear or tinted float glass installs for a see-through modern look. Backlit options add dramatic visual impact after dark. 

Stone Veneer Panels

Marble, granite, limestone, and travertine veneers offer luxurious natural beauty and timeless elegance. 

Fabric Wrapped Panels

A distinctive statement is achieved through wrapped architectural wall treatments like acoustic felt, grasscloth, and decorative textiles. 

Finding Your Perfect Exterior Panel Match

Our exterior panels are weatherproof and enhance the look of homes and businesses. Check out some of our most popular exterior styles:

Composite Panels

Durable, lightweight, and nearly maintenance-free simulated wood grain or stone grain finishes in rain-resistant panels.

Exterior Glass Panels

Sleek vision or spandrel glass facades create bold architectural statements for any commercial or residential building. 

Terrazzo Panels

Nothing delivers an Italianate ambiance like exterior terrazzo mosaics beautifully crafted from marble or glass chips. 

Fiber Cement Panels

A versatile material that provides the look of natural wood or slate with a moisture-resistant fiber cement composition.

Metal Composite Panels

Options like aluminum or zinc bring modern industrial flair or sleek minimalism to commercial structures.
Curious how these different styles may suit your building? Get a quote and discuss your vision today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01

What is an architectural wall?

An architectural wall is designed with a distinctive aesthetic appeal or is meant to serve a particular purpose within a building. They regularly feature artistic elements, customized materials, or irregular layouts to highlight design.
Question 02

What are architectural wall panels?

Architectural panels refer to pre-constructed wall segments featuring textured, patterned, or stylized cladding. Usual panel materials include stone, wood, metal, glass, and composites.
Question 03

Are wall panels a good choice?

Wall panels offer easy assembly, design flexibility, durability, and low maintenance. They provide an affordable way to refresh outdated walls or execute complex designs. Overall, panels are a smart update for most interior and exterior applications.
Question 04

When should you think about installing an architectural wall?

Some good times to consider an architectural wall include during new construction, a remodeling project, or if your building’s walls need repair/replacement. Upgrading plain walls is a worthwhile investment that enhances function, perceived quality, and value.
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