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Premium Window Covering and Shades in NY and NJ

Bring style and comfort to your home with expertly installed window shades in NJ & NY!
Interested in learning how custom window shades could upgrade your windows? Give us a call today.

Creating Dream Spaces with Windows Covering

What makes a room truly feel like your own? Is it the furniture or artwork you choose to surround yourself with? While these elements are important for self-expression, there is one feature that can truly customize the look and function of your space – window treatments. Our team of expert window covering designers are experienced in crafting the best window shades made just for your home. With a wide variety of fabric options, we can work with you to design shades that match your style perfectly while also providing light control, energy efficiency, and privacy as needed!

Let our experts help you select the ideal window coverings to suit your home and lifestyle perfectly. Contact us for an in-home consultation!

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Window Treatments for Lasting Beauty

Crafting Smart Solutions for Modern Living

Who has time these days to constantly adjust manual blinds and shades?

Upgrade your windows to remote window shades for the ultimate convenience and control. Our high-quality automated systems operate with the touch of a button or remotely via a smartphone app. Say goodbye to lifting and lowering heavy blinds – instead, enjoy sunlight, views, and privacy from anywhere with the ease of your wireless device. Motorized shades also let you set schedules so your windows adjust automatically with the rising and setting sun. Modern window coverings can simplify day-to-day living if you work long hours or have mobility issues. Motorized shades provide effortless operation and last for years with virtually no maintenance required.

Want to experience the convenience of motorized window shades in your home? Get a free quote today!

No Limit for Quality!

Tips to Maintain Your Windows Like New

It’s time for a window treatments upgrade if:

Your current blinds or shades look worn or faded from sun exposure.

Manual operation has become difficult, or slats no longer hang straight.

You want better control over daylight, heat, and views.

Privacy is a concern with the windows you have.

Dust or dirt frequently builds up, which makes it difficult to clean effectively.

Your floor plan or furnishings have changed, requiring different light.

You want a style change to match your home's interior design.

With so many innovative new options, an update could greatly enhance your windows. Our team can help select coverings that perfectly fit your space.

Ready to upgrade your window treatments? We have a variety of solutions to suit every budget and taste!

Exploring Different Types of Blinds

When it comes to window treatments, there are many styles to choose from, with varying levels of light control, privacy, and decoration. Here are some types of window coverings:

Cellular Shades

Made of tightly pleated fabric, cellular shades provide excellent light filtering and insulation. They come in varying degrees of transparency.

Fabric Curtains

Elegant curtains crafted from lush fabrics like linen or velvet bring texture and drama to windows, allowing ample light flow.

Faux Wood Blinds

Simulated wood grain with durable slats offer the charm of natural materials. Horizontal and vertical models provide versatile light and privacy adjustment.

Roller Shades

Convenient roller style comes in varied fabrics from light filtering sheer to complete blackout materials for any light need.

Solar Shades

Outdoor window coverings with solar screens constructed of tightly woven fabrics like mesh keep homes cool while allowing for views and ventilation.

Transitional Shades

Fluted shades with adjustable slats provide diffused, natural light and flexibility to darken rooms as needed.

Vertical Blinds

Horizontal and vertical stacking vinyl or faux wood slats direct views and light for enhanced control with easy cleaning benefits.

Schedule an appointment today so our expert window treatment consultants can help you select the perfect type and model to suit your space.

Let us help transform your rooms with custom window covering and shades. Book your appointment today.

Why Choose Us?

Here are just a few reasons why homeowners choose BrothersFix as their trusted source for installations of window covering and shades:


With over 10 years in the business, our team has extensive product knowledge and installation experience with nearly any window treatment need.

Custom Design

Our designers can help personalize any solution specifically for the dimensions of your windows down to the smallest detail.

Quality Products

We carry top brands and only source premium, durable goods formulated to last. Materials are rigorously tested to guarantee longevity.

Superior Craftsmanship

Our installations are completed to the highest standards with careful measurements, giving them flawless fit and functionality.

We provide homeowners and businesses across NY and NJ with beautifully crafted window treatments to enhance privacy, control, light, and heat.

Request a consultation for premium window covering services you can fully trust. Get a quote today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01

What is the newest trend in window coverings?

Motorized and smarter window coverings that can be controlled via the app are popular. More homeowners are also choosing blackout shades for windows.
Question 02

Are blinds still in style in 2024?

Yes, blinds remain a timeless window covering option. Styles like faux wood and vertical blinds work well in many home designs.
Question 03

What’s the difference between blinds and shades?

Blinds have movable horizontal or vertical slats that can be adjusted to control light, while shades are usually made of one piece of material that rolls up and down. Shades provide better light-blocking ability.
Question 04

Do blinds look better inside or outside the window?

Both options can look great depending on the home’s style. Interior-mounted blinds offer easier cleaning, while exterior blinds help prevent furniture from fading from sun exposure.
Question 05

What is the process for installing new window treatments?

Our experts will take precise measurements, order custom materials as needed, and then expertly hang and calibrate your new coverings.
Question 06

Can I see examples of window shades near me before purchasing?

Yes, visit local showrooms to see examples of window shades and blinds. Use the keywords “window shades near me” and “window shades and blinds near me” to find showrooms nearby. This allows you to see the quality and style in person and discuss your project with experts.
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